Lingual Braces Vs Invisalign- Making the Right Choice for Straightening Your Teeth

Posted | Invisalign, lingual braces

Lingual Braces vs Invisalign When it comes to straightening your teeth, the decision between lingual braces and Invisalign can be a challenging one. Both options offer unique features and benefits that cater to different preferences and treatment needs. For instance, the BMC Oral Health study says Invisalign patients have better periodontal health and are more…

Lingual Braces Cost – Is It Worth It?

Posted | Braces, lingual braces

Do you know that over 4 million people in Canada and the USA wear braces? With lingual braces being most people’s preference. Why? For starters, they are aesthetically pleasing. Unlike traditional braces, lingual braces are applied to the back surface of your teeth. It means they are not visible to the naked eye. Also, compared…

Lingual Braces Vs Traditional Braces (2023 Guide)

Posted | Braces, lingual braces

“I want straight teeth and a beautiful smile, but I don’t want anyone to know I’m wearing braces!” Or, “Lingual braces seem like a great option because nobody can see them. Are they more uncomfortable than traditional braces?” If you need braces and are asking these questions, you are at the right place. Lingual braces…

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