How Dr. Tisseront Made Ali Krieger Smile

Ali Krieger is a champion. A player in the highest division of women’s professional soccer, Ali is a team member of both Orlando Pride and the U.S. women’s national soccer team. In fact, she debuted with the national team at the 2008 Four Nations Tournament, and has since made more than 100 total appearances for the team – including three FIFA Women’s World Cups and the 2016 Rio Olympics. 

During the 2015 World Cup in Canada, Ali not only started in all seven matches, she was also starting a smile transformation with braces from Dr. Tisseront. And most fans never knew it! How did spectators around the world not know she was wearing braces? Ali had turned to Dr. Tisseront to correct mild crowding of her upper and lower teeth with lingual braces.

What Are Lingual Braces?

Lingual braces are hidden behind the teeth (rather than the front, where they are traditionally affixed) and are therefore “invisible” when you smile. Lingual braces are completely customized to match the shape of your teeth and the metal appliances are manufactured uniquely for you. Lingual braces are often a preferred option for athletes, models, actors, musicians, and busy adults who want a clean, professional smile. You can learn more about lingual braces here.

Ali’s Journey

Being at the height of her career, Ali is constantly in the spotlight: taking pictures with fans, conducting interviews, posing for photoshoots, and appearing globally on TV broadcasts during games. She didn’t want traditional braces to slow her down, so she turned to lingual braces for comfort, appearance, and safety. “For me, it was important to keep my normal smile and not have braces on the outside…especially during play.”

In just 18 short months, Ali had a superstar smile using lingual braces from Dr. Tisseront on her upper and lower teeth. She was even wearing the braces while competing in the 2015 World Cup! In her own words, “I have been super, super happy with the results.” Hear Ali discuss her experience below.

Playing Sports with Braces

If you’re an athlete undergoing orthodontic treatment, you can still stay active and play sports – just like Ali Krieger! Braces don’t have to keep you out of the game. Lingual braces may better protect your lips and gums during contact with other players. Of course, it pays to play safe. We recommend wearing a mouth guard to protect your teeth and your appliance. Not sure what mouth guard is right for you or your smile? Dr. Tisseront is happy to help you find the best fit for your active lifestyle.

We get it – collisions happen! If you have an accident or injury on the field or court, be sure to immediately check your mouth and your appliance for any damage that may have occurred. If you notice anything has changed or if you feel any loose teeth, contact our office right away. Rinsing your mouth with warm saltwater or using wax to limit irritation are great ways to temporarily relieve the discomfort until you see Dr. Tisseront.

Are Lingual Braces Right for You?

Ask us during a free consultation! Dr. Tisseront helped champion soccer player Ali Krieger bring out her best smile, and he can help you, too. We’d love to review your smile and discuss the different treatment options available to you. Contact our office today at: (703) 773-1200. We will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.