Beth had always wanted to have straight teeth but never wanted to wear braces. She had explored Invisalign, but her teeth were too crowded and she wasn’t a candidate. That’s when she met Dr. Tisseront who introduced Beth to custom lingual Harmony braces (placed behind your teeth). Using braces behind the teeth, Dr. Tisseront was able to give Beth her dream smile in just 22 months.

Using Harmony Lingual braces, Dr. Tisseront can give you the smile you’ve always wanted, no matter how complex your orthodontic treatment plan may be!

Actual TO Patient


Dr. Tisseront used Wilckodontics and Harmony lingual braces to treat Zachary over the course of 25 months. Dr. Tisseront was able to achieve these incredible results for Zachary without the use of jaw surgery or an expander.


Steve came to Dr. Tisseront with all of his upper teeth fitting on the inside of his lower teeth. Using braces and Wilckodontics, Dr. Tisseront fixed Steve’s bite and widened his smile in only 20 months! No jaw surgery. No expander.


Dr. Tisseront corrected Ricardo’s severe overbit with braces.


Jarrod was missing his upper lateral incisors. He chose to replace them with implants after his braces.


Kelly came to Dr. Tisseront with almost all of her upper teeth fitting on the inside of her lower teeth- completely opposite of how they should be. Using braces and Wilckodontics, Dr. Tisseront fixed Kelly’s underbite and give her a gorgeous smile in just 15 months


Dr. Tisseront used lingual braces to correct Kile’s underbite.


Mary had lingual braces with Dr. Tisseront to correct her narrow smile and open bite. Dr. Tisseront used plates to close het bite.


When Kate started, her upper teeth were on the inside of her lower teeth on one side. Kate had Wilckodontics and braces and her beautiful smile was completed in 13 short months! No jaw surgery! No expander!


Dr. Tisseront was able to fix David’s deep bite and prevent further wear to his teeth by using Wilckodontics and braces. Dr. Tisseront placed David’s teeth in an ideal placed for veneers after braces.

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