SureSmile lingual braces are a revolutionary 3D precision treatment planning process that allows your orthodontist to precisely design your best smile and bite, then deliver it faster than ever before.


Dr. Tisseront begins by creating a virtual 3D model of your teeth (No goop!) so he can analyze your bite from every possible angle. Using this modelling technique and the SureSmile computer analysis, Dr. Tisseront then determines your optimal and individualized treatment plan.

Instead of adjusting your orthodontic archwires by hand, Dr. Tisseront custom-shapes them using state-of-the-art robotic technology. The robot applies heat to shape the alloy wires that delivers a light and constant force to the teeth until they are in the desired position. The alloy material developed by NASA, offers you the most comfortable treatment possible and can’t be shaped by hand. It is a highly accurate representation of the treatment plan created by your orthodontist.

Recent studies show that SureSmile achieves better or equal quality finishes in 30 percent less time while effectively achieving desired tooth movements.


Using custom shaped archwires also means your teeth will move directly to the prescribed position after the archwire is inserted.

You will see better results and experience shorter treatment times than previously possible with more conventional orthodontic treatment options.

SureSmile technology is also ideal when paired with lingual braces, helping you get to the confident smile you always dreamed about, in the shortest possible time, without anyone knowing (unless you tell them!).


A 3-D model of your teeth allows Dr. Tisseront to analyze your bite from every possible angle. Using this model and SureSmile’s computer analysis, he determines your optimal and customized lingual treatment plan. Each and every movement of each and every tooth is calculated to create the beautiful, confident smile of your dreams.

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