Today, Give a Stranger One of Your Smiles, It Might Be the Only Sunshine He Sees All Day!

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No one doubts the power of a beautiful smile in transforming a person’s disposition. That being said, a smile is easy if you have a well-aligned set of teeth or jaw-line.  Sadly, some people have either a perceived or actual misalignment of their teeth that would tend to influence their outlook on life, and make them feel somehow inferior to those around them.

How Do We Do It?

Well, first of all, we smile a lot–before and after our young patients enter our facilities. Presenting and providing a confident atmosphere is one way to reassure your family that the chosen process of orthodontic care is of utmost quality. Most important of all for youngsters, is that the treatment is pain-free as well.

It’s All In The Mind!

Believing that a child’s experience with an orthodontist should be different than their experience at their dentist’s office, we start by making sure we have video games in the waiting room, educational videos about their orthodontic journey, ice cream and a pot of brewing coffee for moms in the reception areas. This alone should put smiles on any of our patient’s faces.

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If you have crooked teeth or a protruding jaw line, that’s no problem for us as our treatments are cutting-edge, and our tools are the latest in orthodontic technology.  Most of all, we can provide you with braces that others won’t be able to see, and if you prefer not to wear braces at all, we may be able to arrange that too! How? Using 3D computer imaging Invisalign technology, Dr. Tisseront may custom-prescribe a quality treatment plan for you! Start smiling again as you make a lifetime investment in your future. A complimentary consultation at our Reston, Virginia facilities is available now by simply calling (703)773-1200 today or by visiting our website for more information.