Tooth Brushing Mistake No. 4: “Brushing Too Often or Too Hard”

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Tooth Brushing Mistake No. 4: “Brushing Too Often or Too Hard”

Moms like to encourage kids to brush their teeth frequently and to get them really clean. Research shows that brushing too often or too hard can harm teeth and gums. The action loses its effect when it continues over two minutes. After all, it is just a small area that is being cleaned.

Why Brushing Teeth is Important

The primary reason for brushing teeth is to eliminate plaque. It is recommended:

  • no less than two and no more than three times each day.
  • before bedtime to minimize bacterial acids that attack teeth.
  • lightly for two minutes to avoid harming gums.
  • Keep the same brushing pattern every day. A proper, familiar routine becomes such a good habit that you will do a good job without having to think about it.

Choose Braces to Fit

What happens when your child’s teeth require braces? Parents frequently ask for advice about the styles available:

• Traditional metal made from stainless steel.
• Ceramic made from clear materials so they are less obvious on the teeth.
• Custom-shaped lingual that hide behind the teeth and are not seen during a smile.

Invisalign for Teens and Adults

Invisalign is one of the most exciting advancements for straightening teeth. It is:

• invisible.
• removable so patient can drink and eat without restrictions.
• comfortable so brushing and flossing is easier.

Make an Appointment Today

In order to have the perfect teeth, it is important to see a local orthodontist. There is none quite as good as Dr. Tisseront. When you visit Dr. Tisseront, you will learn more about their dental services such as what it takes to put in all kinds of braces like Invisalign. That’s why the next time you need Invisalign or any other type of braces placed on your teeth, give us a call.


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