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The fastest, most accurate intra-oral scanner on the market today now has a home at Tisseront Orthodontics! This incredibly fast intra-oral scanner means no more messy molds, and will save you visits to our office!

The 3Shape Trios scanner is essentially a hand-held mini camera that takes lightening fast images of your teeth. For a complete 3D image of your teeth in less than a minute, this is a true technological advancement in the world of dentistry and orthodontics today.


The 3Shape Trios intra-oral scanner works by taking a series of rapid digital photos of your teeth and then uses software to stitch the photos together to create 3D images of your teeth. Dr. Tisseront can then manipulate both the upper and lower teeth to see every detail when designing your custom treatment plan.

Insane speed-scanning with TRIOS 3 intraoral scanner


The Trios scanner saves you both treatment time and visits to our office.

Interested in Invisalign? 

Instead of sending your impressions by mail, we can now send your 3D images along with your personal prescription for tooth movement electronically directly to Invisalign, literally shaving off weeks of production time.

Want custom lingual braces? 

Instead of taking two sets of molds of your teeth and then waiting for the molds to arrive by mail, everything can be sent electronically and your Harmony or Incognito custom lingual brackets will arrive weeks sooner.

Just got your braces off?

Guess what! You don’t have to schedule a second visit to get your retainers! We’ll have them ready even before your braces come off after an ultra-quick scan of your teeth!

The Trios from 3Shape boasts incredible accuracy and detail, giving Dr. Tisseront the perfect tools needed to plan your custom beautiful smile, and at the same time give you better-fitting appliances and shorter treatment time! See for yourself how fast the 3Shape Trios can scan your teeth!

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Trios Intraoral Scanner

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