Chloe was treated with braces to straighten her crowded teeth and widen her smile:


Reagan had a Phase1 treatment with an upper retainer to expand her palate and make her smile wider. She also wore braces.


Minhao had braces to correct his bite, prevent wear of his teeth and optimize jaw growth. His treatment lasted only 8 months.


John had a Phase1 treatment using Twin Block retainers to correct his jaw line and move his front teeth back. ***Teeth that are too far forward are at higher risk of trauma***

This treatment tremendously boosted John’s self confidence, removed the need for jaw surgery later in life and protected his front teeth from being traumatized.

John’s treatment was only 12 short months.


Jared had a Phase1 treatment to correct his underbite, and never needed a Second Phase of Treatment!

If you would like to find out more about two-phase treatment for your child, contact or office at: 703-773-1200 or email us your questions. We will be more than happy to help.

Two-Phase Treatment Before And After

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