Words of Wisdom No.4 – Eat cleansing foods

Taking care of your body and staying healthy is important to your overall wellbeing. The human body is a machine, and when it is given the right fuel, it will perform to the best of its ability. Just like choosing invisalign to improve your smile is a positive change, choosing healthy foods to nourish your body is vital. Cleansing food choices can provide the right fuel and function that the body needs. These types of foods can be easily incorporated into meals and snacks.

Fruits and Vegetables

People who have braces may be concerned about eating certain fruits and vegetables. However, by choosing these vitamin packed super foods, you are improving the overall health of your entire body- including your teeth. High fiber choices fill up your stomach and cleanse your body of toxins. Make sure to wash fresh fruits and vegetables thoroughly to be positive that they are free of chemicals.

Whole Grains

Choosing whole grains as a carbohydrate choice is a good way to fill your body with the nutrients it needs and avoid the empty calories and sugar that it doesn’t need. Your orthodontist will agree, added sugar and chemicals will not do your teeth or your braces any favors. Whole grain breads, cereals, brown rice and other complex carbohydrates are the way to go for a healthy diet.


Every invisalign wearer knows that drinking plenty of water is important to keep your mouth feeling fresh. Bacteria can sometimes cling to braces, so thorough rinsing will help keep your smile clean. Water is also the most important liquid you can consume to cleanse and refresh your body. Set goals to increase your water consumption. This will improve your body systems function and keep you healthier and toxin free.

Your Smile

Maintaining healthy teeth requires much more than just brushing and flossing. Regular visits to your orthodontist, healthy eating habits and avoiding environmental toxins will leave your body- and especially your smile- looking and feeling healthy and strong.

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