Diabetes and Orthodontic Treatment

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Diabetes affects millions in the USA and across the world. Orthodontic treatment with diabetes is a concern. For the dental industry and for the public. Those with diabetes seeking or undergoing orthodontic treatment should read on. You will find out the facts on diabetes and orthodontic treatment. Dr. TisserontI feel very fortunate to have found…

Dental Insurance & Braces: Things You Should Know

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People with dental insurance are more likely to visit their oral health specialist regularly and experience greater overall health, but how does dental insurance impact getting braces or other necessary orthodontic treatments? Our team is used to helping our patients navigate payment options and financing, so here is some of their best insight on braces and dental insurance.

Why Does Sugar Hurt Your Teeth?

As tough as they are, our teeth can be extremely sensitive. It’s common for those wearing braces or even Invisalign to experience some sensitivity up to a week after appointments. However, there are things that can cause sensitivity beyond these appointments. One surprising culprit is sugar. In today’s blog post, we’re looking into why sugar hurts your teeth and how braces can affect that sensitivity.

Braces & Tooth Decay: How to Avoid It & How to Spot It

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Tooth decay is a scary thing to hear in regards to your oral hygiene. However, oftentimes when dental professionals are talking about tooth decay, they are talking about the softening of our tooth enamel. This decay happens over time and leads to defects in your tooth, called a cavity. Since tooth decay leads to cavities, they’re related, but not the same thing.

How to Combat Dental Anxiety

Like the fear of heights, fear of the dentist – sometimes call dentophobia or odontophobia – is a common anxiety. However, it’s one that can have a serious impact on your health if it causes you to avoid going to the dentist. Whether it be for the dentist or the orthodontist, here are some helpful tips that can help reduce your dental anxiety.

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