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Reston, Virginia is famed for being the first successful “planned” residential community in Virginia. Founded in the 1960’s, Reston is a small “New Town” style community, only occupying about 17 square miles of land. Four artificial lakes provide water and irrigation to the community, and in the most recent census, close to 60,000 residents called it home.


Common in early European settlements, the “New Town” philosophy is one that founds communities in typically underdeveloped areas and provides a place to live, work, and grow over residents’ life cycles. With housing options for new homeowners to the elderly, an array of community activities, and public green space for all to enjoy regardless of income levels, these New Town communities are carefully planned to provide the best experiences to residents. Shunning away from “ad hoc” communities that were commonly “thrown together” haphazardly as the United States saw rapid growth in the 1960’s and 1970’s, New Town communities pride themselves on being carefully planned to provide everything residents need in their own back yard.

New Town communities hold their residents to higher standards than non-deed-restricted neighborhoods elsewhere in Virginia.


Reston offers residents over 1,300 acres of parks throughout the city. 55 miles of walkways wind their way through the green space and make their way to fitness facilities and other community events that are held year round. Also boasting close to 750 acres of forest and four unique wetlands, Reston is home to a variety of wildlife unique to the northeastern United States.

The philosophy of including plenty of green space for community residents to enjoy helps promote positive mental health for residents of all ages.


Like many Virginia neighborhoods, Reston is close to the nation’s capitol, Washington D.C., which is just a 20 minute drive away. One third of the area’s residents work in Reston, the rest often commute to the capitol for work opportunities. Reston offers a quiet reprieve away from the hustle and bustle of one of the nation’s busiest cities.


Over 20,000 residents work in the Reston community. Across 750+ businesses based in the area, the latest U.S. Census found that the majority of the employed work in technology, information, or professional services, the strongest and fastest growing economic sector in the country. Five venture capital firms and one Fortune 500 company are also based in Reston. Additionally, being close to the nation’s capital, Reston provides many services to the country’s defense sector.


Reston’s success as one of the top-rated communities in the country owes its success to a dedicated nine-member governing body that oversees the rules and regulations of the community. The governing body approves development spending to build new community facilities and also ensures that community members adhere to design principles throughout Reston. Homeowners agree to abide by these community guidelines to guarantee a uniform look throughout the city and are intended to promote well-being for all residents.


Residents of Reston benefit from a variety of community events hosted by community groups in the town. Everything from community yard sales, live music, dance, movie days, and senior trips are hosted in the town square year-round and are open to the public. These community events promote a community culture not typically found in other neighborhoods.

If you are looking to discover Reston and all it offers, the community center offers information to the public.


A cornerstone of Reston’s design philosophy is the integration of art into public spaces. A number of renowned architects helped design many of the public facilities found in Reston, and numerous art galleries showcase local talent. A documentary about the initiative to bring world-class art to the community can be found on the community’s website.


There are three hospitals in Reston, the INOVA Fair Oaks Hospital, INOVA Fairfax Hospital, and the Reston Hospital Center. INOVA health facilities also have an emergency center separate from its other hospitals.

Also found within the city limits are many private physicians, specialists, dentists and Tisseront Orthodontics.

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