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Braces are more than just a smile or overbite correction; they inspire confidence – confidence to face the world with a smile on your face, knowing you look your very best. Although we wish it wasn’t so, we all know that kids can be cruel to one another and any deviance from what is considered normal or attractive invites criticism and ridicule. Unfortunately, there is no way to avoid all of the drama and heartaches, but we can help our kids and give them the best smile possible.


What Can Orthodonture Do?

Many young people are embarrassed by problems with their teeth and never want to smile. Crooked or protruding teeth are not the only reason to take corrective measures, though. There are some physical problems that can arise when the teeth do not properly align, such as TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction) which causes pain and sometimes cause the jaws to lock, severely limiting or completely preventing the jaws from opening. Braces can realign the teeth, effectively curing TMJ.

Other conditions that can be treated by orthodontics, includes anteroposterior deviations, which includes conditions like overbite and underbite. Anteroposterior deviations describe a condition in which the teeth do not line up correctly. Another dental problem is overcrowding. Many people simply do not have enough room in their mouth to allow for proper alignment of permanent teeth. In this case, the teeth will be pushed out of alignment to allow for all the teeth to come in.

Are straight teeth important?

Despite what you might think orthodontics isn’t just for kids. Even adults can benefit from corrections in teeth alignment and straightening. Overcrowding, underbite, and overbite is not just a cosmetic issue, these conditions can lead to speech problems, problems chewing, gum disease, and tooth decay.

Although orthodontics is thought to be primarily for children and teens, in recent years many dentists and orthodontists are prescribing bite correction for adults as well. It is never too late to fix a problem or repair a smile. For some, corrective measures in childhood were financially impossible, other reasons for taking corrective measures in adulthood, include failure to wear a retainer properly after straightening in childhood resulting in the teeth moving out of alignment, and medical necessity resulting from TMJ and other conditions. Some just want to make cosmetic adjustments. It is estimated that more than a million adults are taking advantage of corrective dentistry every year.

How much does orthodontics cost?

Many people, naturally, worry that the cost will strain their budget too much. Obviously, this is a consideration. The cost for orthodontics varies by person and individual needs, but your orthodontist will work with you to create the best plan possible for your treatment. In addition, many dental plans will pay at least some of the cost, making it a very affordable option.

What is the difference between an orthodontist and a dentist?

You may wonder why you need to see a specialist (orthodontist) for smile correction when you already have a working relationship with your dentist. While technically your dentist can treat your teeth alignment and bite correction, they are not specially trained to perform this duty, whereas an orthodontist is specially trained to correct bite problems.

An orthodontist not only attends dental school but also has another three years of training studying the specifics of tooth movement and jaw function. At the end of their training in orthodontics, they must pass an exam to become certified. Being board certified is something you want to look for in an orthodontist.

What are the different types of brackets?

There are many types of brackets used to straighten teeth, and many more options than in the past, but, in the end, the most important component of your orthodontic treatment is the skill of your orthodontist. One type of dental appliance that is popular with adults is Invisalign trays, which straighten teeth through a series of trays that move the teeth gradually, just like traditional metal brackets, but are almost impossible to see. However, not all will be good candidates for this treatment option. Other types of brackets include the traditional metal and ceramic, and brackets that attach to the back of the teeth instead of the front. It’s not the brackets that make the difference; it is the skill and knowledge of the orthodontist.

What is Invisalign?

Many adults prefer these clear liners to the traditional metal brackets, which are less than attractive, and most adults will face a longer period of time for their teeth to be corrected than had they been corrected when they were younger. These liners are fitted exactly to your teeth and changed every few weeks as your teeth move.

These clear liners are nearly invisible to the naked eye and can be removed to brush, eat, and for special occasions when you don’t want to have to remove them during an event.

This method can treat the same types of problems treated with traditional metal brackets in some cases. The cost is similar to traditional methods, but they are far more comfortable. Some insurance plans will a portion of the cost and Flexible Spending Accounts can be used toward payment as well. They require a tiny bit more commitment than traditional brackets, in that they must be worn faithfully except those times you will need to remove them. They can’t work if they are not in your mouth.  Not all patients will be a good candidate for this type of treatment due to the complexity of their issues, but see your orthodontist and ask if this treatment is right for you.

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