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Few things enhance one’s appearance and character like a captivating smile.

Often, a small intervention can make a significant difference in one’s smile. Explore the various options available to you and learn about the importance of retention and wearing retainers after completing your orthodontic treatment. You’ve invested in a brand-new smile; now it’s time to protect that investment and ensure your smile remains radiant for years to come!

Retention is an integral part of successful orthodontic treatment.

It ensures that your newly aligned teeth remain in their proper positions. Since teeth do not naturally grow into their corrected positions, bone tissue requires time to adapt to the new alignment. Without retention, there’s a risk of teeth reverting to their original positions, particularly as individuals age. Orthodontic retainers, often recommended after braces removal, help maintain teeth in their new alignment.

Orthodontic retainers are custom-made for each patient and are typically removable. They may consist of clear plastic or a single wire across the teeth. The key to retaining the benefits of orthodontic treatment is consistent retainer wear. Dr. Tisseront provides individualized treatment plans specifying the duration of retainer wear, typically recommended for nighttime use. Following these instructions diligently is essential for preserving your straightened smile for life.

Actual Patient

Retainer Care

Proper care of your retainers is crucial. Remove them before eating and utilize special cleaning tablets for clear retainers. Store them in the provided containers when not in use to prevent loss or damage. If a retainer is lost or damaged, contact our office immediately. In some cases, we can fabricate new retainers using your original mold, while other situations may require a new impression.


Permanent retainers, also known as bonded or fixed retainers, consist of a simple metal bar or wire affixed to the back of the teeth. They effectively maintain teeth alignment, especially after braces removal, ensuring your smile remains beautifully aligned.