Actual Patient

Ali Krieger, Women’s World Cup Soccer Champion, is wearing braces! Can you see them? Hear Ali share her experience with incognito lingual braces here at Tisseront Orthodontics!

Actual Patient

What Are Lingual Braces?

Lingual braces are a groundbreaking orthodontic solution, designed to straighten your teeth discreetly from behind. Unlike traditional braces or clear aligners, lingual braces are virtually invisible to others, offering you the confidence to smile freely throughout your treatment journey.

Why Choose Lingual Braces at Tisseront Orthodontics?

  • Expertise: Dr. Tisseront is a pioneer in lingual braces treatment, recognized as one of the largest providers in the country. With his expertise and clinical precision, you’re in the best hands for achieving your dream smile.
  • Comfort & Efficiency: Lingual braces offer unparalleled comfort and efficiency, making them the preferred choice for professionals, public figures, and athletes. Experience faster tooth movement, shorter appointment times, and a cleaner appliance with our advanced lingual braces system.
  • Invisible Transformation: With lingual braces, you can straighten your smile without anyone knowing you’re undergoing treatment. Say goodbye to aligners and hello to seamless, invisible braces that work discreetly behind your teeth.

Actual Patient

Customized Treatment Process

At Tisseront Orthodontics, we prioritize your individual needs and smile goals. Our lingual braces treatment begins with a highly sophisticated 3D imaging process, allowing us to digitally simulate and straighten your teeth with unparalleled precision. Each component of your lingual braces is uniquely customized to achieve optimal results quickly and efficiently.

Brius & Brava™ Lingual Braces

Offering discreet, independent bracket movement for precise tooth alignment.

3M Incognito Braces

Customized for maximum comfort and efficiency, always working behind the scenes.

Ormco Alias Lingual Straightwire Braces

Combining aesthetics with the efficiency of straight-wire mechanics.

Harmony Braces

Digitally customized with self-ligating technology for enhanced comfort.

InBrace Braces

Effortlessly align your teeth with a personalized Smartwire™ hidden behind your teeth.

SureSmile Orametrix Software

A customized lingual treatment approach for optimal results.