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At Tisseront Orthodontics, we understand the importance of early orthodontic care for children.

As a leading provider of orthodontic treatment, we offer specialized services tailored specifically for kids to ensure healthy smiles and optimal dental development from an early age.

Why Early Orthodontic Care Matters

Early orthodontic intervention can address common dental issues that may arise during childhood, preventing them from becoming more severe problems in the future. By evaluating your child’s dental health at an early age, our orthodontic specialists can detect and correct issues such as:

  • Crooked or Crowded Teeth: Early orthodontic treatment can guide the proper alignment of teeth as they develop, reducing the risk of overcrowding and ensuring a straighter smile.
  • Malocclusion (Bad Bite): Correcting bite alignment issues early can prevent jaw problems, speech difficulties, and other related issues.
  • Thumb-Sucking and Oral Habits: We provide strategies to help children break harmful oral habits like thumb-sucking, which can affect dental development.
  • Airway and Breathing Problems: Orthodontic treatment can address issues related to airway obstruction, such as sleep apnea and mouth breathing, promoting proper breathing and overall health.

Our Approach to Pediatric Orthodontics

At Tisseront Orthodontics, we take a personalized approach to pediatric orthodontic care. Our team of experienced orthodontists works closely with children and their families to create individualized treatment plans that address their unique needs and concerns.

Comprehensive Evaluations

We conduct thorough evaluations to assess your child’s dental health, including digital X-rays and 3D imaging, to identify any underlying issues.

Early Intervention

If orthodontic treatment is needed, we offer a range of options tailored to your child’s age and specific condition. These may include traditional braces, clear aligners, or other orthodontic appliances.

Gentle and Supportive Care

Our team provides gentle and supportive care to ensure your child feels comfortable and relaxed during their orthodontic visits. We take the time to explain procedures and answer any questions they may have.

Educational Resources

We offer educational resources and guidance to both parents and children to promote good oral hygiene habits and optimize treatment outcomes.