What Are Braces Power Chains?

Power chains are connected strings of ligatures (elastics). These ligatures that hold the metal wire in place for your braces can be made out of elastic bands or chains. Your bracket will have its own individual ligature, but a power chain gives you more options when it comes to connecting them all together and forming an even stronger bond than using just one by themselves would provide!

What Do Power Chains Do?

Power chains are versatile and can be used along with braces to address a variety of treatment needs. Space between your teeth may need closing, or even spacing; crookedness might require rotation and correction for alignment in the midline (dental midline shift). To accomplish their goal, they form a continuous band across each tooth so that it is connected to its neighbors. 

Your orthodontist will work on different areas of your mouth differently depending upon what they’re aiming to achieve by using power chains instead of individual ligatures – this way you get more personalized care!

Are There Different Types of Power Chains?

Power chains and braces are not one size fits all. There’s more than the obvious types to choose from, so even within those options there can be many different widths or lengths for you to customize your power chain! Your orthodontist will take an active role in determining which type is best suited towards clinical objectives.

The three types of power chains are closed, short and long. They all have an inner width between each loop that can be altered depending on which bracket you want to attach it to.

How Long Will I Have Power Chains?

The treatment may be extended for some individuals, but not for others. This will depend on each patient’s circumstances.

While some people wear power chains for the full six months of treatment, others are able to finish it in just six weeks

Do Power Chains Come in Different Colours?

For most people, braces are a part of life. But what happens when you can’t decide which color to go with? There is no perfect answer because every person has their own preference and there’s not just one “right” option for everyone!

What Color Power Chain Should I Choose?

This dental question is a common one, and we’re often asked what color braces should you get? The answer depends entirely on the patient. You can find a variety of colors to represent your personality and preferences, but what does the color really mean?

    • Red – The most common association for this is passion or anger. It may also remind you that power lies in unity (red on blue)
    • Blue – Reflecting calmness and intelligence
    • Orange – A popular fruit among those energetic folks with creativity at their hearts!
    • Purple- Symbolizing wealth alongside royalty
    • Black – Has deep associations associated with grief, or convey power and strengh
    • White – Carries purity along side innocence.

How Often Can I Change Braces Colours?

Since your orthodontist will tighten the wires at every visit, you can choose new colors for each appointment. Depending on how often you go to an orthodontist and their office policy about changing braces color(s).

Do Power Chains Hurt?

You may feel soreness or mild discomfort due to the additional force applied by power chains after braces tightening, but it lasts only for a few days. You can read some more comments here on Quora.

Taking Care of Power Chains

Power chains are just another part of your orthodontic treatment. It is important that you follow the same oral hygiene habits as with traditional metal braces or other options, but don’t stress too much over food trapping – it’s not a big deal! As always poor dental care will affect everything including duration time for correct treatments and potential damage if left untreated.

Is a Broken Power Chain an Emergency?

A Power chain is made from elastic and can break. The break does not cause discomfort, but it could delay treatment. Sometimes you can repair a chain with tweezers if it has come off of a bracket but is still intact.


Power chains are made of an elastic material and consist of many connected rings. In order to apply more force to a particular area of your mouth, these devices are attached to braces. In addition to closing gaps between your teeth, they can also help align your teeth and jaw.

Your orthodontist will give you a new power chain when they replace them. If it’s uncomfortable, use over-the-counter (OTC) pain medication to ease the discomfort and get back into your normal routine as quickly possible! It is important for good oral hygiene that we brush evenly between each tooth every day, floss daily and rinse after meals

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