Can You Get Braces With Fillings?


If you have fillings, can you still get braces? The good news is with fillings already in your mouth, it is possible to straighten your teeth.

Many people in the same situation have reached the attainable goal of aligned teeth. A matter of fact, every single day, an orthodontist makes dreams of straighter teeth become a reality for someone who has fillings.

When Spacers Are Needed

The orthodontist faces some challenges when fillings are relatively large. In order to protect the teeth during bracket and wire installation. You will be able to know if you need spacers from your orthodontist. Experts must ensure that filled teeth are spaced out so that brackets can be positioned properly.

Professionals space out filled teeth with rubber and metal bands, depending on the situation. During treatment, they are left in the mouth so that every tooth has the proper spacing. These are removed once the patient has completed treatment. Often, patients without fillings need spacers between their teeth. In some cases, teeth need to be straightened creatively.

The Benefits Of Getting Braces

Straighter Teeth May Help You Reduce the Number of Fillings You Need in the Future

Crooked teeth or gap teeth may have played a role in why cavities formed in the first place. Teeth with large, unnatural gaps between them or teeth that aren’t properly positioned are harder to clean. The lack of a daily thorough cleaning often leads to cavity formations. These open spaces need to fill as soon as possible for improved oral health. Aligning devices may be a part of the solution to straighten imperfect teeth and make them easier to clean. This could end the cavity-forming and the need-for-fillings cycle.

Teeth Straightening Appliances Make Teeth Stronger

A popular misconception is that aligners make teeth with fillings weaker. The fact is that these appliances make teeth stronger. Over time, the device reinforces and stabilizes your teeth as they continue to straighten and align in the perfect position. Orthodontic treatment continues with adjustments made at intervals throughout the duration of wear.

Misaligned Teeth Can Cause Pain and Lead to Digestive Problems

The bottom and top parts of your jaw must line up when you chew. Otherwise, pain can occur during this process. If you’re in pain, you may not break up your food into manageable pieces. When this happens, the food doesn’t dissolve in the stomach in a proper manner. What’s more, digestive aliments may result. For example, an overgrowth of bacteria in the colon may form. Improper movement of food through the small intestine may happen as well.

Modern Aligners to Fit Your Modern Lifestyle

Today, technological advancements have improved the design, construction, and comfortable wear of aligners. Applying these teeth straightening devices is a routine procedure that can improve your health and dental hygiene.

Harmony® Lingual – This style fits behind your teeth. It’s unnoticeable to others when you smile. It’s so comfortable you’ll forget you’re wearing a dental straightening device.

Incognito™ Lingual – You can keep your secret to yourself and only those in our office. Incognito™ fits behind your teeth. It’s suitable for any age. Athletes, musician, teens, and professionals especially love this device style.

Invisalign – The removable aligners continue to grow in popularity. It’s an effective alternative to wearing traditional teeth aligners.

Invisalign Teen – Teens, in particular, appreciate the comfort of this age-appropriate style.

The Recommended Age for Straightening Teeth

Young children, the elderly, and all ages in between can wear straightening appliances for the teeth. You’re not too old to be fitted if you have healthy your teeth and gums. However, you can be too young. Many professionals recommend waiting until children are around 12-years-old. This is about how long it takes most children to lose their baby teeth and grow in permanent teeth.

The age range for children has some flexibility though. For some children, permanent teeth may come in between the growth ages of 9 and 11. As a guide, wait until the permanent teeth appear in the front of the mouth. Always get a professional opinion and consult with an orthodontist who’s certified in fitting both teenagers and adults, such as Dr. Tisseront. You’ll get a customized recommendation that’s well suited to meet your child’s needs.


If you or your loved one has fillings and needs an aligner, that’s nothing to worry about. Teeth straightening devices make your teeth stronger. There are many style options from which you can choose. A customized solution is the best answer to a beautiful smile.

You’re worth the time it takes for a dental device to straighten your teeth in an effective way. The result is a set of teeth with perfect alignment and long-term self-confidence that money can’t replace. Make the investment in better health today.

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