Don’t Panic! How to Handle Orthodontic Emergencies

Don’t Panic! How to Handle Orthodontic Emergencies

All orthodontists do their best to make sure that your experience with braces is as easy and painless as possible, but sometimes emergencies are inevitable. Orthodontic emergencies can be scary, especially if they are painful, but the best thing you can do if one occurs is to avoid panicking. We know that’s easier said than done! Here are our best tips to help you be prepared for orthodontic emergencies, so you can approach them calmly if they do happen.

What Counts as an Orthodontic Emergency?

The first step to dealing with an orthodontic emergency is identifying it. It is important to know that while you or your child may experience general soreness in the first few days after installation, this is completely normal and should not be a cause for concern. However, a true emergency might cause severe pain. If the braces-wearer in your family complains of very bad pain, it is important to make an appointment right away so the problem can be solved. A potential cause of pain is broken appliances; these should be repaired right away to stop the pain and make sure that your treatment is progressing as it should. 

Can Anything Be Done at Home?

If the problem is not urgent, there are a few things you can do at home to temporarily help feel better in the time before your appointment. Many issues with appliances have temporary solutions that can be done on your own! For example, if a loose wire or appliance is poking you, causing pain, you can place wax on the loose end. If a bracket is coming loose, you can place wax on that as well to help it stay in place. It is important to note that even if these solutions can help solve the problem temporarily, you should still make an appointment as soon as possible to have the issue resolved permanently. 
Once again, the best thing you can do when faced with an orthodontic emergency is try not to panic! Contact your orthodontist as soon as possible, and they will get you the care you need. Braces don’t need to be a scary experience. If you have any questions about orthodontic emergencies or other braces-related concerns, reach out to us at Tisseront Orthodontics.