Early Orthodontic Assessment and Treatment (Benefits)

The Benefits of Early Orthodontic Assessment and Treatment. There are a number of different teeth and jaw conditions that can develop in children as they grow. Many of these conditions can be corrected quickly and easily. With an early assessment and proper orthodontic treatment, a wide range of conditions can be prevented. Children and parents benefit from early orthodontic assessment as well as treatment. This can begin as early as seven years old. It will save parents money, time and worry.

Orthodontic Assessment is Cost Effective

The orthodontic treatment children receive does not cost as much as it does when they get older. It’s important to detect the potential of jaw or tooth conditions early in a child. It’s common for conditions such as widely spaced teeth or overcrowded teeth to start at a young age. These are conditions that could lead to gum disease and make it more difficult to get teeth clean. If a child has a crossbite, overbite or underbite and it is left untreated, it could lead to painful joint and jaw conditions.

Teeth Straightening

It is much easier to guide a child’s teeth and jaw into the correct position when they are in the early stages of development. Things change when a child’s permanent teeth appear. This is when they can be more difficult to straighten. It some situations, the additional treatment required can be expensive. An experienced orthodontist will be able to ensure the teeth straightening process occurs properly starting at a young age.

Harmful Habits

It is common for babies as well as small children to suck their thumbs. Many parents don’t realize it is something that can cause a variety of jaw conditions to develop. When a child has a habit of sucking on their finger, thumb or even a pacifier beyond the age of five; jaw conditions can easily develop. An orthodontic assessment at an early age can detect if a habit is becoming harmful. Effective treatments can then be utilized prior to the need for expensive orthodontic treatments, oral surgery and more.

Cleaning Straight Teeth Is Easier

When teeth are straight, the food particles, as well as plaque and more, can easily be removed from the gums and teeth where they can get stuck. This will result in a child growing up with a decreased chance of tooth diseases and other types of dental complications. The expense associated with treating cavities and paying for crowns can be decreased or eliminated. This will result in less time, effort and money being spent on a child’s oral health.

Overall Health Improvement

When a growing child has proper orthodontic treatment, it can lead to improvement in other areas of their health. Children with straight teeth experience fewer digestive issues. This is because they are better able to chew their food, which is the first step toward digestion. It can also help a child’s developing speech pattern to improve. Healthier teeth and gums can help with the prevention of heart issues, childhood diabetes and other health problems that could occur in the future.


When a child has to wear orthodontic appliances, they often will not do it as instructed. Many parents spend a lot of time, effort and energy reminding their children to wear their orthodontic appliances. The sooner a child’s orthodontic issues are treated, the length of the treatment will be shorter and fewer devices will be involved. As a child gets older, they often participate in more activities. It can be a challenge to properly use orthodontic appliances between sleepovers, sports practices, instrument lessons and more. This is another reason why it’s important to take care of orthodontic issues as early as possible.

Insurance Coverage

Firstly, some insurance companies classify orthodontic care as optional. It is common for a dental insurance policy to have an age limit when it comes to paying for orthodontic treatment. This means if orthodontic care isn’t performed early, it could be something parents will have to pay for out of their own pocket. People should carefully read their dental insurance policy, so they know if orthodontic care ends at a specific age. It’s important this doesn’t happen in the middle of treatment.

Teeth Straightening Methods

When it comes to straightening teeth, an orthodontist could recommend traditional braces or Invisalign.

  • TRADITIONAL BRACES – There are orthodontic situations where this is the only option. They are metal brackets that are glued to a person’s teeth. They are kept in place with wires and small rubber bands. It is now possible to get metal brackets that match the enamel color of a person’s teeth.
  • INVISALIGN – These are aligners trays that are designed to be invisible. They are constructed with BPA-free plastic which makes them smooth and comfortable. These type of aligners are made to gently move a person’s teeth back into place. When they are used, X-ray pictures are taken to create an exact 3-D image of teeth. This is used to configure an aligner to meet individual situations.


A study was done at Manchester University in 2006. Certainly, the research showed children as young as eight benefited from having straight teeth. They were less anxious, happier and seldom the object of teasing. It showed that children who have straight teeth have better self-confidence. They had a positive attitude about themselves. The participants were children who had braces and others who had no corrective orthodontic treatment.

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• Lingual braces – worn on the backs of teeth
• Invisalign – aligners for teenagers or adults
• Ceramic orthodontia – made with clear wires and color-matching brackets

It is also possible to reduce your orthodontic treatment time by using a small device from AcceleDent Aura that helps to accelerate the movement of your teeth into the correct positions.

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Early Orthodontic Assessment and Treatment (Benefits)