Can I Eat With My Invisalign In?

One of the biggest benefits of Invisialign clear aligners is how patients do not have to avoid foods such as hard chips or candy because Invisalign can be removed for meals. This is a freedom those wearing traditional metal braces don’t have. However, it does come with the stipulation that you must clean your retainers each time you remove them. This can feel like a burdensome task to some patients, and they wonder, “Can I just leave my Invisalign in to eat?” In this post, we’ll show you why that isn’t a good idea.

Can You Eat Without Taking Out Your Invisalign? 

No, you cannot eat without removing your Invisalign trays. The force of your bite is hard enough to demolish your meals and this force will be enough to seriously damage your Invisalign aligners. Even food you perceive as “soft” requires a tremendous amount of force and isn’t safe to eat while wearing your retainers. 

Can You Eat Stuff You Don’t Chew While Wearing Invisalign?

If it’s the bite force orthodontists are worried about, what about food like yogurt or lollipops? Things you don’t have to chew to consume also aren’t Invisalign friendly. Easily swallowed food can still be stuck to some part of your tray, causing unappealing stains and allowing bacteria to bloom or other oral health issues.  

Can You Drink Coffee, Tea, or Soda While Wearing Invisalign?

Many Invisalign patients can accept needing to remove and clean their Invisalign for meals. However, is it really worth it to take them out for just a sip of your mid-morning coffee? Yes, for similar reasons in our last point, drinks like coffee or tea can heavily stain your aligners, making them more noticeable. Additionally, sweet drinks like soda or juice will deliver sugars into the hard-to-reach places of your mouth, again providing bacteria a cozy place to multiply. 

You won’t have to go thirsty, though, because you can – and are encouraged to – drink water while keeping your Invisalign in your mouth. Just make sure it isn’t hot water, as that could warp your trays’ shape. 

Can You Chew Gum While Wearing Invisalign?

Lastly, don’t try chewing gum while wearing your Invisalign. Gum combines almost everything bad we’ve just listed – hard bite force, sugary residue, stains – and is overall a bad idea to chew without removing both of your Invisalign trays. 

As we’ve shown you, the only safe thing to consume while wearing your Invisalign is cool water. We understand the sort of extra steps this adds to your daily routine, and encourage our patients to talk with their orthodontist about whether Invisalign is right for them. Our specialists can walk you through other types of braces to find one that fits your lifestyle and orthodontic needs.