Good Things Happen When You Smile

There’s no doubt that life hands us many experiences. The reality is that coping with loss is a fact of life, and all of us must go through it. The question is, how do we cope with the sadness that comes when a relationship ends?
Though the idea of “smiling through our tears” is a well-worn cliche, the truth is that finding a way to smile over a relationship, even when it ends, it s incredibly healing.

The 13th Century poet, Rumi, is often quoted for his wisdom, and his words can bring great solace to anyone seeking comfort after a loss. Rum wrote, “The wound is the place where the light enters you.” There’s no doubt Rumi would have advised anyone coping with loss to smile, and share their light with the world. What matters is that you smile, being grateful for what happened, instead of simply mourning the loss. Or said differently, “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.” If you have a beautiful smile courtesy of Invisalign braces placed with the help of an expert orthodontist, there’s much to be grateful for there as well.

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It is also possible to reduce your orthodontic treatment time by using a small device from AcceleDent Aura that helps to accelerate the movement of your teeth into the correct positions.

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Good Things Happen When You Smile