How Can Invisalign (Straighten Adult’s Teeth?)

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How can Invisalign straighten an adult’s teeth? A beautiful smile can make you feel more confident and self-assured. With many teens and adults getting braces, one option for them may be Invisalign. This type of teeth straightening treatment is preferred by many adults who may be too self-conscious to wear traditional metal braces on their teeth. Your orthodontist can help decide what treatment options will be best for you.

What Is Invisalign?

This treatment uses a series of clear plastic aligners that are custom made for each patient. The plastic pieces fit over the teeth but since they are clear, it is barely noticeable. Each patient will have many aligners over the course of treatment to help move their teeth into the correct position.

The cost of this treatment is similar to the traditional type but is less likely to be covered by dental insurance. Treatment time for adults is typically about a year. Treatment times will vary, of course, depending on the complexity of each case and how much the teeth must move. Severe malocclusion hinders this type of method.

How Does This Treatment Move Teeth Effectively?

Each aligner is specifically designed for you by your orthodontist. The treatment plan is mapped out from start to finish before you even get your first aligners. It is based on where your teeth currently are and your specific needs.

Invisalign work differently from their traditional counterparts. Unlike the metal bracket type which use wires and tiny elastic bands to pull your teeth into place, the aligners gently push them. The aligners can work on individual teeth at different points during treatment, just based on how the aligner is constructed. Since aligners only move certain teeth during any one stage of treatment, already moved teeth get a chance to settle into their new positions before moving them further.

How Does the Process Work?

Maybe you are unhappy with the way your teeth look. Or, perhaps you were told you need braces during a routine visit to the dentist. Either way, the dentist can then refer you to an orthodontist or you may choose one on your own. If you think you want Invisalign, make sure to choose a provider who works with them because not all do.

You may then want to consult with several orthodontists practices to make sure you are choosing the right doctor for you. Remember, you will be visiting every four to six weeks, so you will want to choose an office and provider that work well for you, including a convenient location and convenient hours for your schedule.

Once you choose a provider, you will want to have a consultation to discuss your specific needs. The provider will likely do a precursory exam to determine which treatments will work best with your needs and desires. Your provider will determine if you are a good candidate for Invisalign and will answer any questions you may have. The consultation is also a good time to discuss insurance and any financial arrangements that may need to be made.

There’s More

Your custom aligners will be made based on the same technology that made your plan. Once your aligners are ready, you will be able to start straightening your teeth. You will place the first aligners on your teeth to help them move into the first new position on your plan. You will wear the aligners 20-24 hours per day, every day. After about a week or two, depending on your plan, you will no longer use the first set of aligners but will begin to use set number two.

Set number two will only fit if the first set has finished doing its job, so you will know if you are not ready. You will continue through the sets, in order, in time intervals determined by your doctor, usually two weeks. Each aligner will move certain teeth but not others. Every tiny movement of the teeth is one step closer to the end result you are working towards.

After you have used the last set of aligners and have attained your goal of healthy, straight teeth, you may still need to wear a retainer. A retainer will help you to keep your teeth in place so that all of your hard work doesn’t get ruined. A Vivera retainer is made from the same technology as your Invisalign. It may only have to be worn at night, but even if it is worn during the day, it is still invisible.

What Are the Benefits?

While all types of treatment have their pros and cons, there are some definite benefits to Invisalign. First, since the aligners are clear, no one may even notice that you are being treated. This is helpful for those that may be very self-conscious about their looks.

Next, it is important to note that Invisaligns are removable. You can take them out to eat and drink whatever you want during treatment. Thus, there are no banned foods as there are with the traditional type of treatment. You canals brush and floss easily for good oral hygiene and fresh breath. However, it is imperative that you wear them as scheduled by your doctor, usually 20-24 hours per day.

Finally, there are no metal brackets or wires that can irritate your mouth. Additionally, since there will be no wire adjustments at your office visits, you are likely to spend less time during your appointments.

Invisalign are a great treatment option for many people, especially adults who have the self-discipline to wear them as prescribed. They have some big advantages over older forms of treatment, so they are appealing to many.

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How Can Invisalign (Straighten Adult’s Teeth?)