Making Braces Fun: Ways to Help Your Child Feel Good About Their Braces

While braces are a standard part of many children’s dental treatment, sometimes, they can cause embarrassment. If your child is feeling frustrated about having to get braces, it is important to help them find ways to feel good about them; after all, they will see them every time they look in the mirror for the next few months! Here are some of our best tips for making braces fun for kids.

Add Some Color!

A huge benefit of traditional metal braces for children is the opportunity they provide for customization. With this option, your children can have fun with their braces by choosing different colors of rubber band at each appointment. They can even show their creative side by making vibrant patterns across their smile! While this is something small, it can go a long way in helping kids look forward to their visits to the orthodontist. 

Consider the Options

While color is a great way for younger children to love their braces, depending on the age of your child, different options might be a better fit. For teenagers who might be embarrassed by traditional braces, Invisalign Teen is a fantastic option that effectively straightens teeth without the cosmetic effects. 

Choose the Right Orthodontist

Each orthodontist has his or her own methods of making braces and everything that comes with them exciting for kids. Here at Tisseront Orthodontics, we do everything we can to make visits fun for our younger patients, from contests to pool parties to ice cream. 

While every child is different and different strategies will help them learn to feel good about their braces, it’s important to let your child know that orthodontic treatment does not have to be scary and can be a fun-filled process. If you’re ready to jump in, contact us with any questions or book an appointment at Tisseront Orthodontics today!