Most smiles are started by another smile!

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Did you know that smiles are contagious? Try it and see: Try smiling at someone you don’t know and see if they don’t smile back. A casual, relaxed smile can make you and others feel great. That’s because the facial muscles that lift up your lips and relax the muscles around your eyes send messages to the brain that you are feeling good. The brain then tells the body the same message, and you will definitely feel better.

Smiling uplifts other people.

In addition, whoever you meet will share the positive feeling that comes from seeing a happy face. Whether others know you or not, they will immediately, maybe even subconsciously, relax, and appreciate your good mood and positive expression. They will likely return your smiling expression, causing a chain reaction when they then smile at others they meet.

Facial expressions are remembered.

Family members earn reputations based on whether they are happy or not.  Making the effort to appear pleasant has immediate as well as long-term results, making us feel good momentarily while establishing a reputation for good moods and a positive outlook.

Orthodontic help is available.

If you want to enhance the effect of your smiling face, consider a consultation with an orthodontist. A treatment plan that includes braces can make your teeth more attractive than ever by closing gaps, setting tipped teeth upright, and even turning teeth into the right position. You will be amazed what a simple treatment plan with braces can do to maximize your facial expression.

To learn more about various treatment options, contact an orthodontist like Dr. Tisseront, who can explain how the process works. A thorough exam can be done to determine the type of treatment that might improve your dental structures and smiling capabilities. Soon, you can look your happiest and most attractive.