Of all the things you wear, your expression is the most important

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When we meet someone, we often notice their facial expression first. As attitudes, moods, and feelings are expressed in facial gestures, we can get a quick read of someone’s personality and outlook by watching their eyes and mouth. A smile is a positive way of sharing emotion and establishing an amiable connection.

Smiling lifts your mood.

When a person smiles, the gesture automatically sends neurological messages to the brain to make you feel better. Even if the smile is artificial or to be polite, it can still lift your spirits and make you feel good. It’s hard to stay in a bad mood or feel sad when smiling, as this simple movement of your lips is quite therapeutic.

Smiling makes others feel good.

When someone smiles at us, we feel great. We might feel noticed, appreciated, or attractive. A smile is an uplifting greeting that is universally understood. We enjoy smiling at strangers to whom we don’t say a word, making both people feel good.

Smiling enhances your attractiveness.

A lovely smiling face is a physical asset. Some people are born with beautiful smiles, while others might be able to improve theirs with braces. An orthodontist will evaluate a person’s dental structures with a visual exam and x-rays, and prescribe a treatment plan that may include wearing braces for a brief period of time. Teeth can be straightened, moved to fill gaps, and turned if needed. At the end of treatment, your face can be more beautiful than ever, and your confidence will soar, making you even more attractive overall.

For more information on how to enhance your smiling features, contact Dr. Tisseront. You can quickly find out if orthodontic work is recommended for you, and the type of treatment that will be involved. Make the most of your natural features by enhancing them.