Orthodontic Celebrity Smiles: Nicolas Cage

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When you think of celebrities with great smiles, you think of guys like Tom Cruise and George Clooney, or Nicolas Cage. Nicolas Cage deserves to be on that list because he has something in common with each of those celebrities: All of them have undergone orthodontic procedures. That’s right, Nicolas Cage and a host of other celebrities haven’t always had those white, gleaming, perfectly aligned teeth. Many celebrities have effectively boosted their smile with the help of Invisalign guards, teeth whitening treatments and several other orthodontic treatments.

There is no denying Nicolas Cage is a unique actor who marches to the beat of his own drum. Before shooting the 1984 film “Birdy,” Cage had two teeth pulled to make his character’s role more authentic. His teeth weren’t exactly in great shape before the missing teeth thing, so the loss wasn’t too damaging to his career.

Cage may have regretted the decision to purposely dishevel his choppers if it were not for his orthodontist. Soon after Birdy’s release, Cage’s career gained momentum as he started landing lead roles, and the guy who once treated his teeth as a war token now needed some help.

Over the course of his career Nicolas Cage has had multiple orthodontic treatments and procedures. His first orthodontic treatment involved a veneer implant. After veneers, Cage eventually moved on to braces. He was even spotted sporting silver braces across his lower teeth at the Annual Writers Guild awards in 2003.

After getting straightened out with braces Cage tried teeth whitening treatments. Thanks to the consistent combination of teeth whitening treatments and Invisalign guards, Nicolas Cage’s wide smile has been big, white and dazzling ever since.

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Orthodontic Celebrity smiles: Nicolas Cage