Orthodontic Fact #1 Almost 25% of patients that wore braces had to get them again after treatment because they failed to wear retainers as they were advised

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As mothers, nothing gives us more joy than our children’s smiles. However, when that smile is less than perfect, we will do whatever we can to make it flawless. Once we have spent the time and money to get our child’s teeth straightened, chances are we would like them to stay that way. (Duh!) How do we achieve that? I am so glad you asked…


Retention is a way of ensuring the newly-straightened teeth will be set for life. After the braces are removed, the teeth have a propensity to move back into their original position of growth. Wearing a retainer as advised by the orthodontist is crucial to keeping the teeth straight. It allows time for the bone and ligaments surrounding the teeth to rearrange to their new position.

Retainer Facts

  • The orthodontist will tell you when and for how long the retainer should be worn.
  • The alternative to a retainer made of pink plastic and silver wire is one made of clear plastic that fits right over your teeth, making it virtually invisible (much like Invisalign).
  • There are two categories of retainers: fixed and removable. Fixed retainers are attached to the back of your teeth, so they cannot be seen when you smile. Removable retainers come in different shapes and sizes, depending on your orthodontic needs. They can and should be removed before eating, brushing, and flossing (also similar to Invisalign).

Good news: Even if the retainer must be worn all the time once the braces are first removed, you can look forward to eventually having to wear them only at night.

Help your child celebrate their perfected smile by making sure it stays that way. Don’t let them become a statistic!  Contact us today for more information on orthodontic treatments and to schedule an appointment for your child.