5 Signs Your Retainer Needs A Replacement

Is it time to replace your retainer? Are your current retainers cracked, warped, or simply lost? Not sure how much it will cost? We have got you covered! Learn how to identify if your retainer needs replacing and how to go about it. Let’s Get Cracking!

In order to maintain the perfect smile you got through orthodontic treatment, it is necessary that a retainer be worn. Over time these items will wear out and need to be replaced with new ones.

Your orthodontist is a great resource for information about your retainer. Dr. Tisseront from Reston, VA can provide you with the proper care and maintenance to keep your retainer in good condition. If it has been a while since you have seen your orthodontist, now might be a good time to schedule an appointment so he can check on your retainer and make sure everything is still working as it should be!


Common Signs that Mean Your Retainer Needs to be Replaced

Small Cracks in the Retainer

A small crack in the retainer is an easy fix. Whether you’re using wire or plastic, they all break down eventually because of wear and tear! If for some reason your current one has cracks that are worrying you then just get another one to replace it.

Left unaddressed, these cracks will only continue to get bigger. Eventually the retainer may lack enough structural strength needed for your teeth’s proper alignment and could result in losing that perfect smile you invested so much time into getting!

Your Retainer is Loose

If you are noticing your retainer feeling loose, that’s a strong sign it’s time to replace it. This doesn’t mean there has been an issue with your teeth alignment! The reason for this can be found in how retainers wear down overtime and grow wider as well. So, before things get worse, we strongly urge replacing old retainers.

You wouldn’t want your teeth to lose their function, would you? That’s why it is essential for your orthodontist and patient alike that retainers are replaced when they become worn. A perfect smile means a lot in life!

Your Retainer is Warped

Warped retainers are a thing of the past, but there is still risk associated with them. A warp can happen for many reasons. Remember, a retainer that doesn’t fit is one that doesn’t work. A common scenario that patients and orthodontists deal with is a retainer that got warped because someone put it in the dish washer, or you tried to use very hot water to clean it. This is a situation where you would want to give your orthodontist a call as soon as possible to arrange a replacement.

Too Much Calcium Has Built Up in the Retainer

Even if you are diligent about proper cleaning and maintenance, calcium deposits can build up over time and make wearing your retainers less comfortable and unattractive to wear on a regular basis. If this is happening to someone who wears their braces regularly then they should schedule an appointment with Dr. Tisseront as soon as possible so that he may replace them quickly before any permanent damage happens.

You Lost Your Retainer

Losing a retainer is frustrating but remember that you need to be patient and protective of your smile. It takes time for these things! Over the course of years with moves or career transitions, new relationships may arise which can lead to losses too – it’s just part of life as we know it…

Please don’t wait too long to get a replacement if you have lost your retainer. Your orthodontist will want the new impression taken and he may also recommend that you store them in an easy place so it can be put back before bedtime, which ensures alignment is maintained while sleeping!

Retainer Fatigue – Is that a Thing?

It should come as no surprise that many patients end up with clear retainers after their Invisalign treatment has finished. Like the superior fit and discreet nature of aligners, these invisible appliances make it easier for you every night to wear at bedtime without sacrificing comfort or aesthetics!

Retainer fatigue is the downside to this type of retainers – they stretch over time. Every time you take out your clear retainer, it actually stretches them a minute amount through everyday wear and tear. They will eventually allow for micro movements in teeth if left unchecked before getting replaced again with a new set when needed!

Is it OK to Wear a Broken Retainer?

Do not wear retainers if you have a broken one because it’s unsafe and may cause dental shifting.

How Much Does it Cost to Fix a Permanent retainer?

The cost to fix a broken retainer depends on if the existing wire can be reused or you need new ones. Every office is different and pricing ranges anywhere from $250-$800, but many orthodontists will include repairs for braces/Invisalign as part of the treatment offering.

Do Orthodontist Keep Retainer Molds?

In the case of removable retainers, patients can call their orthodontist and ask that a new one be made, as all good orthodontist will keep patients molds over the period of treatment, something that can not always be said for online providers.

Can I Get a New Retainer from a Different Orthodontist?

No matter where you go, chances are good that one day your current retainer will need to be replaced. If this is the case then it’s fine seeing a different orthodontist although a new 3D scan of teeth or mold may be required.

Ordering Your Replacement Retainer from Tisseront Orthodontics

Need to replace your retainer? Don’t lose the perfect smile you’ve earned through orthodontic treatment. If your retainer is broken or lost, we urge you not to let it go.

Schedule an appointment at our office to ensure your orthodontic treatment stays on track.

5 Signs Your Retainer Needs A Replacement