Side Effects of Braces

Orthodontic treatment makes our teeth and jaw straight. But at what cost. Wearing braces means putting up with a new era of annoyances. Some side effects are common and easy to solve. Others are more serious and need expert attention. Read on to discover why braces cause these common side effects and what you can do to prevent or soothe the issue. Let’s get cracking…

Here Are Common Side Effects


With braces your lips are in a certain state, irritation will occur at some point. Gums also need time to adjust to the new invaders.

There is good stuff that can relieve discomfort. Orthodontic wax is one. Wax over the whole part that bothers you.  Continue your daily hygiene routine as normal until the issue is over.

If the wire is poking out then this is more than an irritation. SEEK your ortho as soon as possible to correct the info.

Jaw pain

Jaw pain may occur after wearing braces and may require medication to control it. Often, jaw problems recur with each tightening.

This is part and parcel of traditional braces. Invisalign will still make your jaw stiff feeling but it is known to cause mild discomfort.

Effects on Lips

The braces don’t cause a noticeable effect on the lips as they just align the teeth by positioning the teeth to fit your mouth and provide a perfect smile; however, they are a very effective way to keep your teeth firmly fixed. proper alignment will not affect the lips in any great degree.

Bleeding Gums

Traditional braces will cause your gums and cheeks to bleed. Products are available to ease these discomforts.

Many people use wax. In order to reduce discomfort, wax can be applied to the bracket and wire edges. Generally, anything other than discomfort is a problem and should be dealt with right away to avoid further injury.

Tooth Decay

Bad oral health habits can cause decay, a condition especially common for people wearing braces. All teeth must be cleaned twice daily. This means using special equipment like little brushes and the best toothpaste. Poor hygiene will be amplified with braces.

Floss twice a day to prevent bacteria that can cause cavities. Your new smile will create new gaps. These gaps are just a new place for bacteria to hide. Notice your new gaps and stay ahead of tooth decay.

You may notice a sign of early-stage enamel damage on your teeth when you eat food. They are alert signs. See the dentist regularly during treatment.


Many patients who are wearing braces for longer periods may have problems with their teeth or headaches because it can change their jaws or move muscles around a bit.

Taking OTC drugs like ibuprofen is a good choice as an alternative treatment to relieve pain from braces. It may be worthwhile if your dentist orthodontist knows if these pains are causing a lot of issues.

Root Resorption

When braces wear out, one might notice shorter root lengths. This does NOT affect oral health for long or the teeth. Usually, root tips decrease a little or even half without problems.

Root resorption occurs as the patient wears his or her braces for years. Your doctor will periodically examine your mouth for signs and symptoms during treatment.


Some people have allergic reactions to elastics made of latex, rubber, or metal. Use alternative elastic rubber bands to avoid allergic reactions to any substances during treatment.

Alternative metals can be used. You must know beforehand if you have allergies.

Difficulty Eating

Chewing foods is difficult when tamed. Lucky for you, braces can be avoided as it helps improve the appearance of the mouth. If you struggle to chew solid foods then you may need to add iced foods to your diet. These are delicious choices to ensure teeth stay healthy.


Some teeth will go straight back to the original position. When braces are removed. This could be a relapse or the return of an initial position. The most commonly occurring scenario occurs when a patient has not worn a retainer at least once in his life.

Always wear your retainers every day, so it is possible to keep your smile fresh and avoid relapsed teeth.

Wearing Braces is a Breeze

At Tisseront Orthodontics we have all the knowledge on the side effects of braces. There isn’t a treatment issue we haven’t seen or dealt with.

If you or your child seek orthodontic treatment but do not understand what all the things do contact us and we will answer your questions.

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