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Why Do Teenagers Go for Invisalign? Teenagers today lead hectic lives that rival those of their busy parents. From an ever-increasing school workload to extra-curricular activities, part-time jobs, sports activities, drivers education classes and special events, life itself often feels like a contact sport.

The Beloved Teen

The last thing many teens want is an orthodontic treatment that gives them more of the same, plus more appointments to keep track of and more lists of things to do and not do. While traditional braces have never been more effective than they are today, for many teens, the aligner system of Invisalign is simply the preferable, easier option.

For parents as well, there are some practical benefits that can make aligners an attractive choice for helping teens achieve the straightest, whitest smile. In this post, learn why so many teenagers today are opting for removable aligners instead of traditional braces.

Invisalign Tend to Cost Less

Parents in particular often perk up their ears when they hear this fact. The reason that the Invisalign system of aligners often costs less than traditional braces care boils down to these reasons:

  • Teens have to visit their orthodontist less frequently for adjustments and treating minor discomfort issues.
  • There is less risk of damaging aligners by eating the wrong foods or not taking proper care of teeth and gums since with aligners you can eat anything you want without risk (you take the aligners out to eat).
  • It takes less time to properly clean and maintain a set of aligners than it does to keep traditional hardware clean, which means fewer replaced aligners.
  • Aligners require no special added parts or aids, such as spacers, rubber bands or headgear, that can add extra costs to the basic cost of traditional orthodontic treatment.

Aligners Can Save Time

Busy teens, like their stretched-to-the-max parents, need every extra second of time that they can get today. One of the reasons aligners have become such a popular choice, among teens is because they are the clear time-saving teeth straightener of choice.

Here are just some of the many ways that choosing aligners can save time:

  • Remove their aligners to floss and brush their teeth instead of having to painstakingly floss and brush each hardware-covered tooth.
  • Miss less school due to orthodontist appointments to adjust traditional hardware.
  • Miss out on fewer extracurricular activities because of health or safety issues with traditional orthodontia (for instance, some sports activities are contraindicated for braces-wearing teens due to the risk of mouth damage).
  • Eat anything while wearing them, so food choice and preparation is seldom an issue with aligners.

Aligners Promote Higher Self-Esteem

For most people, the teen years are the most painful and stressful in terms of developing strong self-confidence and self-esteem. Everything is growing and changing and shifting and sometimes each day it can feel like waking up into a whole new body and seeing a strange new face in the mirror.

There’s so Much More…

In the midst of this sea of unpredictable and unstoppable physical changes, many teens resist adding yet another potential stressor to the mix: visible orthodontic hardware. But since aligners are all but invisible – they simply skim the very bottom edges of the teeth. Most of the aligning infrastructure hidden behind the teeth and gums – teens don’t worry about peer response, prom, homecoming photos or other special events that could make them feel extra self-conscious. They can smile as big and bright as they want to all throughout their treatment and peers won’t notice a thing.

But best of all, the aligners can even be taken out and not worn for a whole night for rare special events like prom, which teens especially enjoy.

Aligners Cause Less Discomfort

While overall, discomfort for any system of teeth straightening tends to be both temporary and minor. Teen patients report there is less of an adjustment period with aligners versus traditional metal or ceramic orthodontia.

Plus, there is no need to use the medical wax or take pain relievers since the aligners need adjustment less frequently and the adjustment period is quite brief. And best of all, peers won’t even notice when the aligners get adjusted, since the aligners themselves always remain nearly invisible in the mouth.

In Summary, Aligners Are Just Easier

Overall, aligners have been a big hit with teen patients because they have such a low impact on daily life. There is very little discomfort and a minimal adjustment period. Infrequent adjustment appoints (once every six weeks is usually sufficient). Easy care and maintenance. There is no food or drink restrictions. No sports or activity restrictions. No visible appearance changes to contend with and – most importantly – the aligners can be removed for special occasions.

If there were such thing as a perfect orthodontic solution for helping the teen you love to achieve the healthiest, straightest, widest, brightest and most confident smile, the aligner system would definitely be voted “most likely to succeed.” And when your teen is coping with so many other changes and challenges, aligners are one of the few options that can actually make achieving a straight, healthy smile faster and easier, which is a win-win for the whole family.

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Teenagers Love Invisalign (READ WHY HERE)