Teeth-Friendly Fruits & Vegetables No. 1 Apples

When it comes to nutrition and how it affects our bodies inside and out, apples are one hot-topic fruit that has stood the tests of time. Although there are many kinds of apples to choose from with varying degrees of nutritional values, they are simply great go-to snacks and ingredients to incorporate into our daily munching moments.

An Apple a Day Keeps Bacteria at Bay

Did you know that apples are amazing little teeth cleaners and brighteners? The acidity in apples gently cleans away stubborn stains through its astringent properties? Apples also assist in removing particles that cause bacteria. Apples are like Mother Nature’s little toothbrush, as are celery, carrots and other crunchy fruits and vegetables.

Can Apples Replace My Toothbrush?

Wouldn’t it be great to just eat an apple to keep our teeth healthy and bright? The truth is while apples are helpful in keeping our teeth healthier, apples still have sugars and acids that can decay teeth. Always make sure to brush daily with your favorite store-bought toothbrush, especially after eating.

Can I Eat Apples If I Have Oral Braces?

If you are fortunate enough to be wearing braces with brackets or Invisalign braces and aren’t sure if apples are a safe choice for you, your orthodontist is eager to help. Luckily, eating apples while wearing Invisalign is allowed and encouraged since Invisalign is designed for easy removal prior to eating or drinking. Your orthodontist will be happy to provide a list of foods that are safe to eat. Don’t forget, apple sauce is easy on the teeth and great for the body, too.

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Teeth-Friendly Fruits & Vegetables No. 1 Apples