The Damon System Treatment Cost? (FACTS HERE)

How Much Does the Damon System Treatment Cost? The Damon system of braces is something you may be interested in because of the many benefits it can offer to you. It’s one of the newer types of treatments for problems such as overbites, underbites, crossbites, gaps and other issues. A skilled orthodontist can apply the Damon system treatment to your teeth and develop a recovery plan for you to bring your beautiful smile to your desired perfection. It may concern you about the cost of the Damon system, and that’s normal. The following is some information about Damon brackets, their cost and the benefits that choosing them can bring to you.

About Damon System Treatment

Dr. Dwight Damon was the person who first introduced the Damon brackets to the world and provided patients with a new choice for their malocclusion correction. He wanted to create a system that would save the patients time and money. Anyone who has Damon brackets will know that wearing them can result in a shorter treatment time than it would with other methods. Shorter treatment time is what many patients desire when they sign up for help with their malocclusions.

The Benefits of Damon Brackets

Before you invest in the Damon brackets, you should know all the excellent reasons you should. The biggest benefit and advantage that they have over other types of brackets is that they have a self-ligating feature. That means you don’t have to worry about elastics or even metal ligatures for that matter. The Damon design allows the teeth to move more freely but without all the baggage that traditional systems may bring.

Many patients say the Damon brackets are more comfortable than other types of units as well. Those patients may feel that way because of the difference in size. The Damon brackets are not quite as big as the traditional systems are, so a patient may feel a great level of comfort in the Damons. One other benefit of the Damon system treatment is that treatment time could be significantly shorter. Again, that depends on a number of factors. The specialist can give you a better indication of the benefits of such a process.

Factors That Affect the Cost of Damon Brackets

There is no set-in-stone figure you can about for the amount of money that you’ll have to pay for your brackets. The price depends on several factors that can affect the price either way.

Some of those factors are:

The Complexity of Your Issue

The main factor in the cost of Damon brackets is the complexity of your issue. The specialist will have to examine your bite thoroughly and develop a plan that fits perfectly with the direction you want your teeth to go. Complexity can add hundreds or thousands of dollars to the process. The extra money will be worth it when you see your gorgeous smile.

The Location of Service

You may not think where you live can influence the price of your dental work, but it does. It will be more expensive if you live in a popular area and less expensive if you live further off the grid. There’s an easy solution that that though. You can schedule your work with our office in the Reston VA even if you live in a different town, and you can receive some amazing prices for your treatment. Just let the specialist know you would like access to any discounts available for local and in-town clients.

Promotions and Incentives

Any promotions and incentives that the office has will, of course, reduce the overall Damon cost and time. For example, you may be able to get a free consultation. Other specialists may charge several hundred dollars for that same consultation. You may have access to other exclusive specials that can make your entire treatment plan much less expensive than it would have been without the discount.

You will find out this information when you speak to the financial specialists. That’s why they are there. they are there to help you navigate the process of financing your treatment and getting the best possible deal on such treatment.

The Specialist

The provider you use will have a lot to do with the cost of the treatment. As we wrote many times, it’s not so much the treatment method that gives you the beautiful smile you desire. It’s the orthodontist and his skill level. A skilled practitioner can use a creative and innovative method to correct your teeth that will take less time and fewer intricacies. A caring professional will concern himself or herself with what’s best for you.

Your Chosen Method of Payment

Finally, your method of payment could change the cost of the brackets for you. The office may accept several types of payments, with dental insurance being one of the most common types. You could also purchase a dental discount plan that the office may accept. You must ask the financial specialists first if they accept it.

Third-party financing such as that which comes from a credit card may be available. A generous office may even allow you to get on a special payment plan. Speak with the professionals in the office to find out more about what it costs to get the Damon treatment.

Find out More About Damon Braces Today

You must contact the orthodontist to get an accurate calculation of the Damon cost and time. Every patient is different. The practitioner will examine your mouth physically, take X-rays and talk to you about your dental history. Together, you and the specialist will come up with the most effective strategy that fits your budget. You have to take the first step by contacting the facility, however.

Dr. Tisseront has the perfect solution for you even if it turns out that Damon system treatment isn’t a good fit. You can choose from many available treatment options. Your first move should be making the call and set up an appointment today.

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The Damon System Treatment Cost? (FACTS HERE)