The Invisible Braces Race (THE CHOICES LIST)

The invisible braces race. The quest for the perfect set of teeth used to require a person to spend many weeks struggling with the appearance of a mouth full of metal. Now, however, that is no longer the case, and new methods to straighten teeth are constantly being created that have only minimal impacts upon your lifestyle and looks. While clear plastic aligner trays often take center stage, our patients are excited to discover that there are tons of other options out there. Ones that can be used to straighten and align teeth no matter how crooked they are at the beginning of the treatment.

With so many new types of invisible braces being introduced, it helps to have a general understanding of what your options could be before you come in for your initial appointment. As you learn about the most recent advances in the race to create invisible orthodontics, you can look forward to finally loving the appearance of your smile without having to sacrifice months of your life wearing bulky appliances.

How Are These New Invisible Braces Different?

The first and most obvious difference between the new types of orthodontic treatment is that there is an emphasis on making them nearly invisible. However, each type differs significantly from each other. The differences regarding the materials and methods that are used to help them correct your smile. Right now, these are the leading options that an orthodontist can use in place of metal brackets and wires.

Invisalign Treatment

You’ve likely already heard about how clear plastic aligner trays can straighten teeth faster than older orthodontic methods. However, you should also know how they work. If Invisalign is determined to be the ideal option for you, measurements and images of your mouth are used to create customized trays. These trays slowly help to move your teeth into the right positions. While this option is hard for others to see in your mouth, you can still remove them briefly during times. Perhaps, when you have higher aesthetic concerns such as when you need to take a professional photo. These can also be removed when you eat or play sports so that you can continue to enjoy your favorite activities. Clearly the most popular style of invisible braces.

Damon Clear

In some cases, the removability of clear plastic aligners is not desirable. For example, a younger child might not be capable of remembering to replace the trays after they eat. Alternatively, you may prefer a treatment plan that you don’t have to think about throughout the day. Or you may have more serious orthodontic needs that require specialized techniques. The Damon clear system involves having special tieless brackets attached to your teeth. they are translucent so that your real teeth show through. It also uses a special arch that is very different from metal wires. This arch has a passive slide system that reduces friction. So that you stay more comfortable as your teeth move into place. Since the system does not use elastic ties, you have the added benefit of never having to worry about the yellowing that can occur with other types of treatment.

Lingual Systems

An orthodontist can also hide your orthodontic appliances behind your teeth. Lingual systems are an option for anyone who wants a more traditional approach. But of treatment with the option of invisibility. When you choose to have this type of treatment, special brackets are custom-created. And fit the shape of the back of your teeth. Then, they are placed on the backside. You will be provided with a similar treatment plan as you would receive if you had traditional metal brackets and wires on the front of your teeth. Although this method tends to work more slowly compared to the other options, it is capable of correcting severe misalignments. So that anyone can achieve a beautiful smile.

How Do I Know Which Is Best For Me?

Choosing an orthodontic treatment plan requires several steps. These steps are all designed to make sure that you are satisfied throughout your care and with the final results. During your initial consultation, you will be provided with a comprehensive exam of your teeth. plus an overall oral health that may include x-rays and other types of imaging technology. You will also be asked questions about what you like about your smile and what you would like to change. Then, you will also be asked to share some details about your lifestyle. Such as whether or not you play sports or do public speaking. These types of questions are all designed to help your orthodontic team figure out how each of your options for invisible treatment will fit your preferences and lifestyle.

What Option Works the Fastest?

Orthodontic treatment can be completed in as little as a few weeks or take several years. It really all just depends upon how much correction is needed to get your teeth into proper alignment. Each of these methods works relatively quickly compared to older treatment strategies. But only your orthodontic team can help you understand how long you can expect your plan to take. Keep in mind, however, that your compliance with the treatment plan plays a big role in helping you enjoy a successful outcome. If you opt for removable trays, then make sure that you wear them for the majority of the day. With all of the options, you will also still need to visit the office. This is for regularly scheduled appointments to check your progress.

Will My Teeth Stay Straight After Treatment?

Even when your treatment is invisible, you still look forward to the day when you can finally enjoy a beautiful smile without any appliances involved. While this is a momentous occasion, you should still be ready to continue to wear a retainer for a period of time. To help your teeth learn to stay in their positions. Typically, you will start out wearing a retainer for the majority of the day. Then gradually begin to wear it only at night.

Tisseront is Ready…

At Tisseront Orthodontics, we offer several different types of invisible braces that are all virtually undetectable. Schedule your initial consultation with Dr. Tisseront today to find the type that works best for your smile straightening needs.

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The Invisible Braces Race (THE CHOICES LIST)