Tongue Thrusting – Symptoms Explained

Tongue thrust is the orofacial myofunctional disorder that occurs when using pacifiers or for a long time. Thumb sucking is the same in toddlers and young children. It can also be a consequence of a tongue lace problem (tongue-tie.)

FACT: Myofunctional treatment helps correct incorrect tongue movements.

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What Causes Tongue Thrusting?

A common issue for the modern person is tongue thrust. You may have noticed your tongue acting weird or your child speaking differently. It may be a tongue thrust. This medical issue is easy to correct and non lasting. Below we dive into the causes and remedies.

How to Know if You Have Tongue Thrust?

There are several symptoms of tongue thrust. The most commonly seen symptoms are the tongue pulling at your teeth while eating. Tongue thrust is easily detectable when swallowing.

How do You Fix a Tongue Thrust?

If you’re trying to fix this unhealthy behavior, perform this exercise.

  • Place an orthodontic band around your tongue. Press your tongue on your gums, on the roof, just above your upper front teeth. Bite your teeth with your normal bite.

Corrections by myofunctionally-based treatment or Tongue therapy are popular treatments to correct this minor issue. You can read more opinions on Quora answers

How do You Assess Tongue Thrust?

A typical person creates a vacuum by placing a tongue on the anterior face of the tongue and is capable of swallowing without difficulties.

What Causes Tongue Thrust in Adults?

Tongue thrust occurs for various reasons but develops most often through frequent sucking of fingers and thumbs as a youngster. Also, compensating for tongue-tied movement is another cause.

Home Remedy Solutions

You can start as early as 2 to train and correct the tongue thrusting or the behavior leading up to it. Starting at home is easy.

  • Bite down with your teeth and jaw in the correct position. It will feel a little uncomfortable but this action will help teach the tongue to rest and stay.
  • Sugar-free lifesavers work a treat. The tip of your tongue is the optimum place to put it. A few minutes every day for at least three weeks should suffice.

Front Teeth Don’t Meet

When the front teeth don’t meet, speech is affected. Lisping occurs. Also, some letters will be difficult to say effectively.

Can Orthodontics Help?

Orthodontics can help. Yes. Bite issues that cause tongue problems, can be corrected by orthodontic treatment. An expert will define what treatment plan is suitable.

What is Tongue-tie?

Tongue-tie is common. This is when a cord, connected to the back and bottom of the tongue and the lower mouth is tied too low. This restricts the natural movement of the tongue.


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