What is a Board-Certified Orthodontist?

An orthodontist goes through rigorous schooling to be able to skill up and straighten teeth. Becoming an orthodontic specialist is one thing. Some go further and certify their skillset. This is done through a board and means they are the tip of the top. Below are easy read facts on what a board-certified orthodontist is and what the credits mean. Let’s get going with what an orthodontist is.

What is an Orthodontist Anyway?

An orthodontist is a dental specialist. Jaw and tooth alignment is the main focus. They do this with devices and acumen learned from the rigorous learning and practicing of 10 years of highly competitive orthodontic school.


An orthodontic specialist will do many procedures to get a straight smile. If you have an issue with your bite an orthodontist will be able to help. Overbites, underbites, crossbites are all common and treatable. So are most levels of malocclusion. Overcrowding is a common issue dealt with by an orthodontist.

Gaps and a gummy smile can be corrected with orthodontic braces. Teeth grinding and Sleep Apnea can be treated in an orthodontic office. Surgical realignment of jawbones is another specialty.

Another set of issues dealt with by orthodontists are dental surgery lead procedures.

  • Congenital condition
  • Car accident oral injuries
  • Head injury during a sports match

Why do Orthodontists get Board-Certified?

It is proof to themselves and the industry that they are dedicated to going the extra mile with their craft. They do this for the betterment of the patients and the industry as a whole. They will often be at the forefront of innovations and futures. They can demonstrate and theorize their skill set through board-certification exams.

To be held above the rest is a goal for any high achiever. Orthodontists are no exemption. Board certification will mean more customers and better community links.

Where are Board-Certified Orthodontists?

The ABO website. you’ll find a locator tool for zoning in on the best expert nearest you.

FACT: Only a third of orthodontists are board-certified.

Why should I Choose a Board-Certified Orthodontist?

It’s more about restoring your teeth and gum line. Board-Certified Orthodontists know complex facial forms and adolescence stages. Treatments will focus not only on jaw movements but on the jaw itself and position.

There are reasons orthodontists take additional years in a highly competitive orthodontics school to learn and improve their skills in these specialties.

Your general dentist provides routine dental checks like your physician’s. Many general dental doctors offer orthodontics plans but haven’t received any formal education. Not all dentists are licensed orthodontists!

What is an ABO Board Certification?

ABO is a voluntary credential that demonstrates an orthodontist’s individual commitment to a specialty practice as well as lifelong learning. Achieving board certification from the ABO involves the submission of peer-written and clinical evaluations and external validation.

A board-certified orthodontist achieves this goal by completing additional educational activities and self-assessments. The American Board of Orthodontics is the only orthodontic specialty board recognized by the American Dental Society and the American Orthodontist.

What is ‘Diplomate’ ABO Certification?

A board-certified orthodontist also called a diplomate is examined by peers by examining knowledge and clinical skill. Becoming board certified signifies an orthodontist’s desire to continue to improve orthodontic skills.


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