Why Is It Necessary to Visit Your Orthodontist Regularly?

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Why Is It Necessary to Visit Your Orthodontist Regularly?

The role of your orthodontist is to provide reliable, convenient service that perfectly aligns and straightens your child’s teeth. Visiting the office regularly is a critical component in achieving a beautiful, healthy smile in a timely manner. Ensuring your child receives the very best care and has their braces removed in an appropriate amount of time is every parent’s ultimate goal. The completed smile’s unveiling is dreamed of and excitedly anticipated by each child along with their friends.

The Big Question: When?

The big question from day one is, “When will you have your braces removed?” The anticipation is just as great for those having their teeth adjusted invisibly with Invisalign or lingual treatment options as it is for kids wearing metal brackets and wires. The big day should be anticipated with excitement and here are some reasons why you should help your child to visit the orthodontic office regularly and follow the plan provided:

1. Beauty and appearance

Beauty and appearance are huge components in self-esteem and self-evaluation. How your child or teen senses they appear to others can benefit or hinder their self-esteem. Missing appointments or not regularly completing the monthly adjustments will delay treatment and withhold the gratification of having the treatment plan completed. Gratification is a big part of maturity but delayed gratification due to procrastination or missed appointments doesn’t lead to maturity. It leads to discouragement, frustration and possibly embarrassment.

2. Completion means they are growing up

Ah, the joy of growing up. While each day includes accomplishments, there are key accomplishments that mark growth for your child or teen, and the completion of their orthodontic treatment loudly announces that they have reached a marker in their healthy journey towards independence and maturity.

3. Convenience

Each kid excitedly anticipates the reduced responsibility that will be experienced when their treatment is completed and the next phase of retaining their perfect smile begins.

4. Accomplishment-

Great joy is experienced when a project is completed or a landmark in life has been achieved. This accomplishment is huge and the joy will be great.

Estimated Treatment Time

Treatment plans are created before the treatment begins, and the time of the plan can range from six to thirty months. Treatment plans are clinically flexible but follow a monthly plan of action that is cumulative, so missing appointments will hinder and affect the flow of the treatment. The length of the orthodontic plan and its success rests largely on the patient following their home care instructions and regularly visiting their orthodontic office.

Your role as a parent is constantly evolving and your orthodontist will take this one responsibility completely out of your hands and strategically evaluate every professional detail and carefully complete the plan in full. Your parental responsibility is important to the process of tooth straightening, but it is limited and easy to accomplish.

  1. Oversee and encourage consistent compliance with home care instructions
  2. Consistently drive your child or teen to each of the scheduled appointments
  3. Arrive on time for each scheduled appointment

Benefits of a Great Smile

Giving your child the gift of a great smile is a gift that will last a lifetime. Each glance into the mirror will reward your child during their teen years and adulthood. The benefits to having straight teeth and a beautiful smile are innumerable.

  • Builds self-esteem and confidence while encouraging a child to reach for goals that may require some physical discomfort, commitment to dietary restrictions, and following a set projected plan.
  • A great smile is socially beneficial to teens and adults.
  • A great smile is a step toward achieving a successful interview that leads to a job, acceptance into a desired college or university or towards a life goal that your child is dreaming of reaching.
  • Teens and adults who have beautiful, straight smiles may have a greater opportunity for promotions.
  • The physical and beautification benefits of a great smile are well worth the commitment needed to accomplish the treatment in the time originally allotted. Successful orthodontic treatment will treat smiles with issues such as misaligned jaws, overbites and crooked teeth.

Treatment Options that Teens Love

Having your child or teen commit to an orthodontic treatment plan is easier when you offer invisible options. Invisalign treatments use clear aligners that can be removed while eating. This allows for easier daily hygiene and it requires less dietary changes or considerations. This treatment plan is not an option for all tooth straightening needs, but it is effective in treating a number of common dental issues.

Lingual braces offer invisible straightening opportunities that can’t be addressed with clear aligners. The brackets are hidden behind the teeth and face the tongue. The length of the treatment plan is comparable to exposed, traditional metal brackets.

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• Lingual braces – worn on the backs of teeth
• Invisalign – aligners for teenagers or adults
• Ceramic orthodontia – made with clear wires and color-matching brackets

It is also possible to reduce your orthodontic treatment time by using a small device from AcceleDent Aura that helps to accelerate the movement of your teeth into the correct positions.

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Why Is It Necessary to Visit Your Orthodontist Regularly?