Words of Wisdom No.2 – Chuck your toothbrush

If you are as busy as most people are, then it is easy to forget to throw away a manual toothbrush after two months of use. There are great reasons to get rid of an old toothbrush, including keeping your teeth free of food particles. An old toothbrush will develop frayed bristles that are not effective at removing hardened plaque from your teeth. In addition, an old toothbrush may contain pathogens such as bacteria and viruses that cause illness. When you are wearing braces, replacing an old toothbrush frequently can help to keep the wires and brackets in the best condition to straighten your teeth.

Improve Oral Hygiene with a New Toothbrush

You might wear Invisalign aligners to repair the malocclusions of your teeth, and it is essential to remove the devices at least twice a day to brush your teeth. Clear aligners are easy for other people to see through in order to notice a buildup of food debris, but if you use a new toothbrush, then your teeth look white and beautiful. When you wear any type of braces or aligners, ask your orthodontist for a recommendation about the most appropriate toothbrush to maintain your oral hygiene.

Visit an Orthodontist to Learn More

To learn more about proper oral hygiene while undergoing orthodontic treatment, schedule an appointment with Dr. Stephan Tisseront. At Tisseront Orthodontics in Reston, Va., you can have a complete examination to determine if one of these treatments is appropriate for your teeth:

• Lingual braces – worn on the backs of your teeth
• Ceramic devices – color-matching brackets and wires
• Traditional – metallic wires and brackets
• Invisalign – designed for adults and teenagers

The only way to know the best orthodontic treatment for your malocclusions is by having an examination with medical images. To schedule an appointment with our orthodontist, call 703-773-1200 today.